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AVO Australia workshop and office which employs up to 15 employees.

AVO Turboworld began as R&L Wilson and Sons in 1960 as a race engine shop devoted to the Ford and Holden motor vehicles in Australia. Terry Wilson raced in many forms of motor sports, until Terry’s involvement, all the motors in the series were naturally aspirated, with the Holden inline sixes competing against the Chevy V8’s. However, the Holden motors were woefully underpowered and were doing poorly in the series.

In 1970 Terry’s solution was simple, he asked for, and received a ruling that allowed for turbocharging the Holden inline sixes. This was the start of the Wilson`s Turboworld, and the start of Holden dominance in the Sports Sedan series for many years.
AVO (Advanced Vehicle Operations) Australia was established in 1987 by Harry Kojima. He recruited Terry Wilson, owner of Terry Wilson’s Turboworld, to develop high performance automobile parts and to perform custom work on high performance vehicles. Thanks to Terry Wilson’s engineering skills the business became one of the premium turbocharging shops in Australia.  It expanded into the development of 4WD Diesel Turbo kits, Petrol Turbo kits, Factory Turbocharged Performance Upgrade parts and accessories.  Terry Wilson was the engineer behind the prototyping and development of all the products.

In 1994, the diesel and petrol component of AVO was separated from the rest of the business and was sold off.  The Wilson family purchased the petrol component of AVO and merged it with Terry Wilson’s Turboworld to create the name AVO Turboworld, and quickly expanded the business. In 1998 a decision was made to relocate it to a larger, more ‘user-friendly’ facility (11000sq ft. factory with Showroom) at 57 Taunton Drive, Cheltenham. It continued to be a 100% family owned concern, and by the year 2000 it was employing 16 staff.

By 2001, AVO Turboworld began focusing on further expansion into the global market, achieved by expanding operations overseas. The first move was for Ross Wilson to open operations in Japan.  The simple reason for Japan was that they were the leaders in high performance turbocharging aftermarket parts worldwide.

Ross Wilson moved to Japan and set about establishing AVO Turboworld Japan despite having little Japanese language skills.
At the same time, Ross spearheaded a push into the American market. AVO concentrated on providing turbocharger upgrades for the newly released Subaru WRX, along with a host of other performance parts. As AVO had been developing for turbocharged Subaru’s since 1993, we quickly established ourselves as one of the premier parts makers for the Subaru Impreza WRX and STI.

By 2005 manufacturing in Australia had become very expensive and the market had started to change.  Low-quality, low cost Chinese parts began flooding the market along with increased competition worldwide. AVO products were of a high quality, but pricing had become too expensive for the market.

AVO had experimented with subcontracting some work to China, but found major problems with the quality of the parts. We knew that the only way to ensure the quality our customers had come to expect, we would need to make sure in person that they were made to AVO standards.

By 2007 Terry Wilson moved to Thailand to establish AVOTurboworld Asia Co. Ltd..  As with any such move, it took much time and effort, but within 2 years it was off the ground and running successfully, working on both AVO parts manufacturing, and several contracts for other companies as well. The company settled into an 18,000 sq./ft. facility outside of Bangkok.

During this same time, AVO decided to expand its presence in the American market. While we had been selling products in America since the early 90’s through IPD/Rallytek, we had never officially had an actual presence in that market. So in 2007 AVOTurboworld LLC was opened in Seattle, Washington by Paul Hansen. It was started as wholesale distribution and marketing, along with sales support for AVO products. Paul had been working in the AVOTurboworld Japanese office at the time and was wanting to relocate back to the USA.

He knew our business very well as he had been part of the organisation since 2003 working on the print catalogues, websites and servers, and promotional materials in Japan and overseas.

The market responded favourably to our presence in America. We concentrated on the Subaru market, and were noted for being the first developers of parts for the 2005-2009 Legacy. Our success attracted the attention of major distributors, and eventually Turn 14 was brought into the fold as our exclusive wholesale distributor for the US.  This allowed the office in Seattle to concentrate on product support and marketing, online retail sales, and installation guides and product testing.
In 2009 we had decided as a business to concentrate our product lines on the Subaru market, as 90% of our business was already from that market. This maximized our resources and allowed us to focus on the quality of our product and the marketing for the AVO brand.

In 2011 we made the decision to re-organize AVO Turboworld Australia. The workshop facility in Australia was sold off due to the increasing government regulations associated with high performance parts and installation of such parts. For this reason it was decided the best direction for AVO Australia would be to focus on selling AVO Turboworld parts to other distributors.

In 2012 a new car was introduced to the market, the Subaru BRZ and Toyota GT86/Scion FR-S. We felt this would become the new “tuner” car for the market, and started development of a turbocharger kit and other parts for this platform. Our innovative design combined with excellent quality proved to be a winner, with turbocharger kit sales now well past the 800 mark worldwide. There is no other FI kit for the BRZ and FR-S that is sold in as many countries as the AVO kit.

In 2013 we re-established AVO4x4, which specializes in parts for the 4x4 market in the United Arab Emirates and the Asia Pacific region. This includes full turbocharger kits and upgrades for diesels.

AVOTurboworld is now ready to expand into other marques as well.  We have begun to design and develop new products for the new Mazda MX5 1.5L and 2.0L engines.


AVO (Advanced Vehicle Operations) Turboworld Australia

Established: 1987

Products/Services : Retail and Wholesale sales of AVO Turboworld Products.

Bolt-on Turbochargers, Suspension parts, Bushings, Brake Kits, Intercooler Kits, Exhaust Systems, Fuel System Upgrades

Bolt-On Turbocharger Kits – for Normally Aspirated vehicles

Sales Regions : Australian Domestic Sales; UK; Philippines; Singapore; New Zealand

Managing Director : Mr. Lee Wilson

Location : 75 Intrepid Street

Berwick, Victoria    3806


Contact Details : Phone : 61 3 9768 9300

Fax : 61 3 8768 9684

Email : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Website : http://www.avoturboworld.com

AVO Turboworld is the leading aftermarket performance shop in Australia.  AVO is committed to bringing their customers the latest technology and quality products.  AVO stands behind all products they offer with full customer support and technical advice.  AVO has a very strong distribution network throughout Australia.  AVO advertises heavily in Magazines; Journals; Public Relation activities and has a comprehensive Internet site.

AVO Turboworld Asia Co., Ltd.

Established: 2007

Products/Services : Manufacturing and R&D of AVO products

Bolt-on Turbochargers, Suspension parts, Bushings, Brake Kits, Intercooler Kits, Exhaust Systems, Fuel System Upgrades

Bolt-On Turbocharger Kits – for Normally Aspirated vehicles

Sales Regions: Sole supplier for AVO Japan, Australia, and USA,

United Arab Emirates, Thailand

Managing Director : Mr. Terry Wilson

Location : AVO Turboworld Asia Co. Ltd.

53/8 Moo 3 Soi Sattahip-Sukhumvit 41 (Khaopet)

Sattahip, Sattahip

Chonburi     20180


Contact Details : Phone : (66) 38-737-324

Fax : (66) 38-736-597

Email : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Website : http://www.avoturboworld.com

AVOTurboworld Japan Branch

Established: October 2000

Products/Services: Distribution for AVOTurboworld Products

Turbocharger kit and engine performance upgrade parts and accessories

Subaru New Car Dealer in Tokyo group

Sales Regions: Domestic Sales Network Japan:

Indonesia, Taiwan, China

Managing Director: Mr. Ross Wilson (Owner)

Location : 2-13-13 Musashino

Akishima-shi Tokyo

Japan  196-0021

(Distribution & Warehouse, Retail Showroom and Workshop)

Contact Details : Phone : 81-425-49-1296

Fax : 81-425-49-1297

Email : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Website : www.avoturboworld.jp

Japan AVOTurboworld Parts Sales

Website : www.avojdm.com

Export Subaru Parts Sales

AVO Turboworld Japan continues to use its depth of tuning knowledge and ideal location to develop high performance products for the Japanese automobile market. Location in Japan has enabled AVO to start research and development on newly released vehicles by up to a year before release in overseas markets. The major focus of AVO Turboworld Japan is towards the entire Subaru range. The company specializes in Subaru performance upgrades for turbocharged and normally aspirated Subaru makes and models. Researched and developed with one goal in mind – customer satisfaction.

Company Background


Office and Showroom in the year 2001

Established in Tokyo in October 2000, AVO Turboworld Japan started as a small operation with minimal staff. After 2 hard years promoting the AVO Turboworld brand in Japan, in 2003 the largest distributor in Japan picked up the AVO Turboworld product line. AVO is now supplying various parts to Autobacs 7 group franchise operations throughout Japan. This comprises of over 500 base stores and 75 “Super Autobacs” franchise operations throughout Japan and several overseas operations as well.

Operational growth forced the business to relocate to a larger, ‘user-friendly’ facility in the outskirts of Tokyo in July 2006. The company has grown quickly through hard work and aggressive marketing. We are focusing on further expansion via the implementation of a new marketing focus, research and design on new vehicle models, and expanding our parts line-up into other automotive brands.

Workshop, Office and Showroom in the year 2006

2010 - Having a good relationship with Tokyo Subaru due to our motorsports participation, and the large amount of Tokyo Subaru Dealers selling AVO Turboworld products in their dealerships, AVO Turboworld Japan was accepted in to the Tokyo Subaru Dealers Group.

2013/6/16 - Encouragement Award from Tokyo Subaru for new Car Sales in the period April 2012 to April 2013

2013/6/8 - Parts Sales Award from Tokyo Subaru

September 2013 - AVO Turboworld Japan purchased its current location which has a large showroom and stock facility that can keep up the pace with large day-to-day orders and support.

By being a part of the Tokyo Subaru Dealers Group from 2010 onwards as an independent shop, and then purchasing our own land in 2013, allowed Subaru to put their signage at the front of the building.

2014/6/8 - Parts Sales award from Tokyo Subaru for No. 2 Independent shop for total parts sales.

AVO Turboworld Japan continues to use its depth of tuning knowledge and ideal location to develop its high performance products for the Japanese automobile market. Location in Japan has enabled AVO to start research and development on newly released vehicles by up to a year before release in overseas markets. The major focus of AVO Turboworld Japan is towards the entire Subaru range.

Owner Profiles

Mr. Terry Wilson

Terry Wilson is one of the directors in Thailand and has headed AVOTurboworld since its inception.  His experience in the turbocharging industry is significant, having been employed in varying capacities including head development engineer.  He has been working in the motorsport and turbocharging industry for 35 years.  Terry first started in the family business in the early 1970’s and has had many successes in motorsport.

Achieving such accolades as the following :
  • Winner of the Sports Sedan Six Cylinder Series on two occasions in the 1970’s.
  • The first person in Australia to have a turbocharged racecar.
  • Designer and builder of the first Twin Turbo 4WD Falcon in the world.
  • The Guinness Book of Records for the fastest caravan tow in the world.
  • Preparation of many racecars - ie. Mr Krishnan of Singapore – His Nismo GTR R32 was prepared and maintained by Mr. Terry Wilson until his death in the late 1990’s.
  • Formula 1 Scrutineer each year since 2011 for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Terry has travelled most of the world designing and prototyping turbochargers and turbocharger systems for all sorts of vehicles including the following: 4WD Diesel vehicles; BMW 318i’s; Nissan Patrol 4.5 & 4.8L; Toyota Landcruiser 6 cylinder & V8; Mazda MX5/Roadster; and many more.

Mr. Lee Wilson

Lee Wilson is the director of AVO Turboworld Australia. He holds a degree in Business Accounting from Monash University. Lee is fully responsible for all ‘on-site’ financial matters, whilst also overseeing all operations of the business.  His experience in the business started from 1988 as a 16 year old packing turbo kits, machining of aluminium castings for the turbo kits, and filling out customer dispatch forms.

Lee has been part of the design process of all AVOTurboworld products over the years.  Working on what parts can be used in a kit, developing a parts list through to production into a finished box.

Mr. Ross Wilson

Ross Wilson is the director of AVO Turboworld Japan. He went to the Batman Automotive College in Australia to learn to be a Body Craftsman, winning the James Flood award in 1992. He was chosen to train at the No.1 Rolls Royce restoration and body repair shop from 1991-1995. His initial experience with Japan was from 1995, when he moved there to work at Arai Bankin, a Ferrari repair shop in Tokyo. He was there to teach the employee’s body repair techniques.

He returned to Australia in 1997 to manage AVO Turboworld’s Workshop Service Department, and continued in that position till 2000. In 2000 he moved to Japan and created AVO Turboworld Japan, which has had continual growth from that time.

Ross has also been active in Motorsports from an early age, first racing in Clubman karts, and then competing in the HQ stock car series in a GM Holden HQ Stock Car. From 1995 till 2000, he was actively involved in the Targa Tasmania as a Service Crew Manager for many of the Japanese competitors participating in this event.

Group Relationships

Galaxy Services Pty. Ltd. has no trading relationships with associated or related companies.


There is 5 lifts inside, along with a full machine and fabricating shop, turbo balancing facilities, flow bench, and more. The AVO shop and office in Japan has a lift, Superflow SF901 engine dyno, and parking for 12 cars. The AVO workshop has it's own 4wd dyno able to handle high-hp FWD, RWD, and AWD configurations. It utilizes a DTS (Dynamic Test System) for full data-logging.
The guinness book of world records AVO Ford Falcon in front of the AVO office. Image The AVO race car that was dominating in the late 70's, run by Terry Wilson.
The Haynen and Proude engine dyno has been in the family for over 30 years. You can imagine how many engines have been run on this dyno. Our Tokyo branch has a Superflow SF901 engine dyno. Image AVO Australia's Steve Coates daily driver, with 210kW at the wheel (280hp).
One of the latest additions to the AVO automotive family, a BH Twin Turbo Legacy. Image Image
The AVO Legacy GT twinscroll turbo in Japan has about 280whp. One of the many WRC Group N cars that has been tuned by AVO. The turbocharged AVO roadster at Tsukuba Circuit.
The AVO Ford Falcon Turbo in stealth mode. It is possesed of 300kW (402hp) at the wheels. AVO Australia Lee Wilson's Skyline GT-S Turbo, which is run at racetracks around Australia. It has 340kW at the wheel, which is somewhere around 456whp.