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FR-S/BRZ Turbo Kit Official Release

AVO Stage 1 Turbocharger Kit for the 2013 Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S!


The AVO Turbocharger kit is designed to work with both RHD and LHD models in all countries, and extensive testing has been done on both the Japanese Subaru BRZ and the US Market Scion FR-S. The Japanese BRZ has been track tested from day 1, and the US Market FR-S has spent 16 months and 25,000 miles testing and tuning in varying conditions, from 6000 feet and 0 degree temperatures, to sea level and below in the desert! This was done to ensure our kit will hold up as a daily driver where ever you go, whatever the conditions. All testing in the American market was conducted on 91 and 92 octane pump gas to ensure this is going to handle daily driving as well as the track.


BRZ/FR-S Silicone Inlet Dyno Testing!

Read more...I drove South of Seattle to Auburn, Washington in the AVO FR-S on this fine, sunny day to take part in an independent intake test by Drift Office, a shop famous for it's testing of a large variety of aftermarket parts. Drift office's owner, Bob Wan, had asked if we were ok with having our Silicone Inlet/Panel Filter combination tested by them. Asking this, of course, with the intention of posting the results good or bad.

So I had said yes, of course. While there's always a degree of marketing and inflated numbers when it comes to the benefit of aftermarket parts, we remain committed to engineering parts that are more function than form, more performance than fancy packaging. Plus I always enjoy an excuse to take the AVO FR-S out for a drive. (That's not quite accurate… I *love* taking the FR-S out for a drive).

Read more...I arrived at 11am sharp with 140ounce coffee in hand. Oh, and the inlet and filter as well. I'd covered my bases and brought all three colors, since while we were going to test the AVO FR-S, we were also going to test them on the control vehicle, Bob's own white FR-S. Just to cover all bases, he'd called in a customer with an Asphalt Grey FR-S as well. This was going to eliminate any chances of a "juiced" tester, and give a average as well.

Read more...A bit of background on the inlet - the AVO wire-reinforced 5-ply Silicone Inlet for the BRZ and FR-S is much larger than stock, especially at the bend. The interior of the OEM inlet is 70mm (and gets reduced further at the bend), while the AVO measures 76mm throughout. This translates to over 10% better airflow, especially as it removes the accordion section.

The control car - Bob's - went on their in-house DynoJet first. After a bewildering array of straps were fitted on to make sure it didn't launch into the wall at speed, it was run in both 3rd gear and 4th gear for baseline figures, then the AVO inlet and panel filter were installed. The FR-S/BRZ inlet is quite easy to remove and replace, so that only took 5 minutes or so.

Read more...Next up then was the AVO FR-S. It was on they dyno only for baseline numbers to compare against future performance gains.

Read more...We took a break for lunch after that while waiting for the 3rd car to show up. It rolled in at 3pm, an even warmer part of the day, and Drift Office immediately got to rolling it onto the dyno for some after school punishment. A baseline pull in 3rd gear and 4th gear again, then installation of the inlet followed once more. A quick run through the RPM's, and back came the best results of the day.

Read more...We wrapped it up soon after and I took some time to take photos of all the cars together.








DIY install guide - AVO Rear Stabi Mount Reinforcement Bracket

Read more...DIY install guide - AVO Rear Reinforcement Bracket

The two rear mounts for the rear stabilizer bar brackets are ok - for standard rear bars - but not great. From experience, this rear suspension setup has had issues with larger bars flexing, and sometimes breaking, the rear mounts. So we created some rear mount reinforcement brackets to keep this from happening.

This is a guide on how to install the rear mount reinforcement brackets.


AVO BRZ: 1000km at the track

Read more...You'd expect a little exaggeration when seeing a title like this, but literally, besides driving to and from the track, that's exactly how the AVO BRZ has been, and is being, broken in. It hasn't happened overnight, we got the first BRZ sold to the public in Japan 3 months ago. Since then it's spent an equal amount of time on the lift being used for R&D or at the track being use for R&D.


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