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DIY: AVO CAB Bushings for the LCA

Read more...AVO Lower control arm bushings. Probably the most terrifying job of the suspension bits, simply because it involves the wholesale removal of the front control arms on both sides. Not a job you want to enter without preparation. A buddy along to help wouldn't hurt as well, but you can do the job yourself. This job does require some leaps of faith and a willingness to beat on your suspension bits with rubber mallet. Vigorously.

Before you start, you better make sure you have a full set of tools on hand.



Read more...Next up on the plate - the AVO TMIC for the 08+ STI Hatch and Sedan. It's a sweet little (well, no, not little) TMIC that's good for a fairly solid 600hp worth of flow with less than 1.0 psi of pressure drop. Literally more intercooler than most people will ever need! It's excellent at cooling as well, with a great bar & fin density. We were careful with the design to have it bolt in with the minimal hassle for a nearly 21" wide TMIC that is 4" deep - precisely the max we could get in without hitting other parts and to fit under the hoodscoop properly.

So let's get started!


DIY: AVO Rear Reinforcement Mount Bracket

Read more...One of our most popular products, and a must have if you have an upgraded rear stabilizer bar, is our Rear Stabilizer Bar Mount Reinforcement Bracket. This is constructed from thick high-quality steel, and for a good reason: the OEM rear mounts are of thin steel, and bend quite easily, even if you just grabbed one with some pliers!
This degrades the performance of the rear bar, even an OEM bar, by quite a bit as they simply twist the mounts themselves instead of doing their job.


AVO's STI Sedan - suspension!

Read more...So… since we've had the car for roughly, oh, 6 days now. So time to rip out the suspension! First came out the stabilizer bars, bushings, and endlinks.

It's not that we felt that the stock swaybars are all that bad, actually. They are quite well balanced for the street, and for once you don't need to compensate for crap dampers. It's just that, given the driving we will be putting it through, we wanted to remove the initial bit of roll you get when you chuck it into the corner.

2011 STI Sedan

Read more...Well, Japan certainly gets all the cool toys first... In this case, our Japanese office just took delivery on their latest vehicle, a 2011 STI Sedan. They opted for an automatic version as well - not just for novelty value, but because it's likely to be the best seller in Japan. Development of new parts for this new sedan is going to procede at a break neck pace, with a lot of items in the pipeline. But for now, enjoy the pictures!

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