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AVO 2.5i Turbokit Install pt.1

Read more...The end goal is finally here. It's turbo kit install time! It was an important day for the Legacy and Outback N/A crowd. We had only one main issue to check -

would the kit that was designed originally for a 2008 Impreza 2.5i fit?

The answer?



AVO Stage 2 Outback!

Read more...AVO Outback 2.5i Build - Stage 2. Where you take a whole bunch of good stuff, and take it a step further. We decided to hit stage 2 before going on to the turbo kit install so that we could show you how far you can go with bolt-ons to the N/A before you start needing to open up the engine. Stage 2 consisted of two more upgrades to the Stage 1 package of the AVO rear mufflers, Panel Filter, and DBW. While it's a very good package all on it's own, we know some people will want a bit more - more power, more rumble, more fun.



AVO Stage 1 Outback!

Read more...It's been a while since I've updated progress. It's not that we haven't been working on the AVO Outback, it's more the opposite - there has been so much going on I've had little time to report! The Stage one package has been installed, after all the suspension work was done. The car has been driven all over the place to make sure that everything is working together without issues. It has become quite the fun little beast, being quite a bit more nimble than when we first got it, and starting to have the get up and go needed.


West Coast Subaru Show 2010

Read more...Given that we are located in the Pacific Northwest (specifically, Seattle), it sort of makes sense for us to attend one of the largest Subaru events on the West Coast. Namely, the West Coast Subaru Show. We've been to a few of these shows now, and have always enjoyed hanging out with the highly enthusiastic Subaru owners that come from all corners of North America, some even as far away as Alberta, Canada.


Shinonome Super Autobacks, Aug 2010

Read more...We were invited back for another weekend event at the Shinanome Super Autobacs in Tokyo, the best selling Super Autobacs in Japan. There was quite a few booths around, along with ours. The crowds were good, and the weather super hot and humid. The new Legacy and our new 2011 STI sedan were the popular cars to check out, with our STI sedan drawing a lot of attention.


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