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Rear Stabilizer Mount Bracket for 08+ Models

Read more...The AVO rear suspension mount reinforcement bracket corrects a significant weak point on the Subaru's. The standard stabilizer mount point is very flexible, and has been known to break when stronger rear stabilizer bars are fitted. Or even with standard rear stabilizer bars when the car is driven too sportily! The AVO mount fixes this problem in an elegant manner, and is compatible with any rear stabilizer bar that uses the standard rear bracket, including the AVO stabilizer bar upgrades.


Suspension testing at Tsukuba Circuit

Read more...Ross and the crew went out to Tsukuba Circuit for the day to work on suspension setup. We want to beat the 59 second lap we did next year, and with that in mind have gone over the suspension completely. Power isn't an issue, the Cosworth engine with AVO600 has been making tremendous power, reliably, for 3 years now without fail. But the suspension setup hasn't been quite keeping up with the engine.


Redline Time Attack at Auto Club Speedway

Read more...We were recently invited down to the Redline Time Attack finale at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California. Being a mere 19 hour drive (ahem) from our Seattle office, I naturally took this opportunity to road test the AVO turbo kit on our Outback 2.5i some more. So loaded to the gills with about 700lbs of gear, once again I ventured forth into the automotive wilderness!

Fontana, California is located on the East side of LA, butted up against the foothills. If you have headed out to Vegas from LA on 15, you've passed very close to the scene of the crime, the Auto Club Speedway that's located near the Ontario airport.


Abu Dhabi F1

The Abu Dhabi Experience
6 months ago I couldn’t spell Screwtinear and now I are one.

Read more...About 6 months ago, Terry Wilson (President of AVO Turboworld, on the right) and myself (Pat Weir) were invited to attend the Abu Dhabi F1 event as scrutineers. After a few “shit yeah’s”, we both responded with a very loud “YES” before we had finished reading the invite right through. From then it was booking plane flights and waiting for the day to arrive. Accommodation, food and transport in Abu Dhabi were to be provided by the organizers.


AVO 2.5i Turbokit Install pt.2

Read more...In part 1, all I did was remove the "front" pipe between the exhaust manifold and the mid-pipe assembly, check fitment of the kit, and remove the bumper to mount up the FMIC core. After that came the real work - installing the turbo kit. And for the record, I'd like to say this is one of the easier installs I've seen. Two of us took about 10 hours to install that, and a good portion of that was finding the right tools for the job. If you have all the tools on hand and focus on the task, we could have easily done it in 8 hours with time to spare.


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