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STI Sedan Quad Tip Exhaust System

Read more...Our latest mufflers are for the 2010+ STI Sedan. These tig-welded quad tip mufflers are made from high quality stainless steel and are made to last! They sound great and look great. Available in Japan, Australia, and America!




AVO Front Lower Control Arm Bushings

Lower Control Arm Bushings

Models Supported:

2005-2009 Legacy and Outback
2010+ Legacy and Outback
2008+ Impreza
2009+ Forester

The stock bushings in the front lower control arm on current Subaru models is one of the weakest points of their suspension design. This lower control arm rides on a large round bushing at the rear, which provides most of the support for the lower control arm. The OEM bushing was designed primarily for comfort and is very soft. It's known to fail prematurely, especially in areas with poor roads.


DAMD Steering Wheel Install Guide

DAMD Steering Wheel Install Guide

This is a basic DIY guide for installing a DAMD steering wheel. I used our shop car, a 2007 Outback 2.5i, as the car of honor. The wheel of honor is a DAMD D-Type steering wheel with red stitching and a red bottom.




AVO Japan's new BRZ

AVO Japan's new BRZ is in! It's an incredibly busy time of year for us as we've new got two events in April, providing support to a D1 Drift series car and running our own car at the Hypermeet! Mix in a brand new Subaru, and it's just crazy!

We are working hard regardless! Here's the car after we've put on the Works wheels, 40mm lower coilovers, and started work on the graphics.




New G4 KnockLink!

Read more...New from LINK is their latest Knocklink! An invaluable tool for monitoring your engine's health, simple to use, simple to setup, yet will save you from expensive engine repairs!

Detonation (knock) can destroy your engine in seconds. You need to know when knock occurs, instantly.

Light detonation will damage an engine over time. The G4 KnockLink’s microprocessor continuously scans the knock signal and warns for any knock occurring. The engine’s noise characteristics are automatically profiled by the KnockLink, continuously storing and adjusting this profile while looking for the particular knock frequency.

The G4 KnockLink is the only self calibrating knock warning instrument on the market.

Beware of cheap, light-weight imitations that leave you to guess the settings yourself. Unless you have a full knock tuning kit like the Link G4 KnockBlock to set them up, they are virtually useless.

Connect the KnockLink to either your existing sensor or add an additional sensor (sold separately).


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