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2016+ Miata ND Stage 1 Turbo Kits



AVO Turboworld has been a huge fan of the Mazda MX5 Roadster from the first NA6 Roadster released in 1989. AVO was impressed with the way they drove stock. It was even more impressive how they performed after a few modifications were made! AVO introduced the first turbocharger kit specifically for GEN 1 MX5 Roadsters (Miata), which paved the way to record-breaking performance at the track earning AVO serious recognition in the automotive industry. The all new Mazda ND Roadster featuring the SKYACTIV 1.5 and 2.0 liter motor has just been released. AVO noticed Mazda made a drastic shift by going back to their roadster roots which originally put them on the map among automotive enthusiasts. After extensive road tests, AVO felt the new lightweight ND MX5 was impressive right out of the gate, but it does leave a lot on the table when it comes to obtaining a more exhilarating experience you would expect from a roadster.

If you’re looking for the ultimate roadster experience, driving with the top down while carving your way to a rural destination is a must. But no matter how impressive the cornering capabilities are, the engine performance left us wanting much more. It lacks the “zip” feature you would expect from a small sports car. The exhaust tone was too quiet. We want to actually feel the engine working while driving in a more spirited fashion. AVO knew the potential was there waiting to be unleashed. This is what sparked a full year of design, engineering, and testing to create a complete turbocharger package. Just like all AVO products, the goal was to create a kit that incorporates an OEM high quality fit and finish. The final product is exactly what AVO feels the enthusiast desires and deserves.



2016 Miata Stage 1 Kit!

Read more...AVO has been a MX5 Roadster fan from the first NA6 Roadster that was first released in 1989.  Now the new Mazda ND Roadster with the SKYACTIV 1.5 and 2.0 litre motor has just been released, and with it Mazda has gone back to its original roadster roots that made it so famous.  The lightweight ND MX5 just feels fun to drive.

AVO Turboworlds aim with its aftermarket modifications is to improve the driving experience further with our performance package. This car is best driven with the top down, and the thing that we found it really lacks is the lack of engine intake and exhaust noise to make it feel truly like a sports car.  Our package finishes it off to give you that total sports car experience.


New AVO GTX55 Turbocharger!


AVO's big ball-bearing GTX turbocharger for the Subaru Impreza WRX and WRX STI is here!


With it’s large Garrett GTX CHRA matched to a newly designed Stainless Steel Exhaust Housing and Aluminium Anti-Surge Compressor Cover with 3” Inlet, this turbocharger will put down some serious numbers. Our number one goal for this turbocharger was boost response, and we’ve achieved this! On a Subaru EJ25 engine we have achieved 25psi of boost before 3500rpm!

Read more...The AVO GTX55 utilizes a Garrett GTX ball-bearing CHRA, which is water-cooled and oil-lubricated for maximum reliability. Our turbochargers have been designed to perform in the harshest conditions possible, and have been tested in them as well. AVO products are not designed to be as reliable as OEM - they are designed to be much better than OEM. Our new Stainless Steel exhaust housings ensure your turbo will go the distance.

This Turbocharger is designed to fit the 2008+ Impreza STI. It can be retrofitted to fit the 2001~2008 Impreza WRX and STI models. The AVO GTX55 comes with all the necessary fittings and a full 3" Silicone Inlet Pipe!



Subaru Crosstrek XV Turbocharger Kit!

Read more...Looking for more performance from your Crosstrek XV? So was AVO Turboworld! We love this bestseller from Subaru, but were disappointed in the available engine choices. It really should have gotten the turbocharged motor from the WRX, but Subaru decided not to. So there was only one thing to do!

AVO Turboworld has drawn upon it's extensive history in turbocharger kits to design this low mounted, high response turbocharger kit what will increase engine output nearly 100%! The XV is a great chassis in search of more power, and that is what we deliver! Similar to our popular turbocharger kit for the BRZ and FR-S, it is mounted underneath the engine, very similar to the factory setup of the new WRX. This short runner setup maximizes boost response and minimizes lag, providing the torque the car craves. Even better, it restores that Boxer Rumble that Subaru's are famous for! The AVO Turbocharger kit is designed to work with both RHD and LHD models in all countries.

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